Statement from Charles Lin, OCAABA President

Friday, January 08, 2021 4:51 PM | Anonymous

The Orange County Asian American Bar Association (“OCAABA”) condemns the terrorist attack on the Capitol which took place on January 6. OCAABA also denounces everyone who incited the violent attacks. 

The attacks were a culmination of continuing false claims of election fraud levied by those unhappy with the results, none of which have been substantiated despite the accusers having had ample opportunities to do so in over 60 separate court cases.  

Hundreds stormed and breached the building, many carrying firearms. Live explosive devices were also found nearby. Yet, less than 20 people were initially arrested. Many can be seen on video simply walking back out the Capitol doors after all the looting and terrorizing.  

On the other hand, countless disturbing photos and videos have surfaced showing members of Congress hiding in fear for their lives, and barricades erected by staffers to stop the perpetrators from infiltrating certain rooms.

The disparity in the treatment of the violent thugs by the Capitol police compared to the heavy-handed nature of their response to largely peaceful supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement in Washington last year should also not be lost on anyone.

America is supposed to be a “shining city upon a hill”, built on a solid foundation of laws. Unfortunately, we can claim that no longer if our democratic process can be so easily besmirched, if the very place where laws are made can be so easily usurped by the lawless without consequence.

We demand that the insurrectionists be brought to justice. We urge our local political leaders to call for an orderly transition of power. And, we encourage our fellow bar associations and all attorneys to do the same.

Charles W. Lin

2020-2021 OCAABA President

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