Statement from OCAABA President, Charles Lin, on Attacks Against Asian-Americans

March 19, 2021

The growing number of violent attacks against Asian-Americans shall not stand.

The Orange County Asian American Bar Association strongly condemns such attacks, those who incite them, and those who condone them.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the victims in the Atlanta massacre. 

The deliberate targeting of those among the most vulnerable in society is particularly heinous, and the fetishization and objectification of Asian women, which caused their demise, are infuriating.

Sheriff’s Office Captain Baker’s dismissive description of the incident as the result of the killer having “had a bad day” was callous, yet, sadly, not a surprising reflection of widespread apathy toward the plights of Asian Americans, most notably victims of racist attacks.

Throughout American history, vicious crimes against Asian-Americans have long been ignored and excused, by the justice system, the media, and the public at large outside of the Asian-American community. The Chinese Massacre of 1871, the Rocksprings Massacre, the Watsonville Riots, Vincent Chin - the list goes on and on. No Hollywood movies are made to document such travesties. The stories of the victims are rarely told. 

It is not lost on us that the recent spate of widespread attacks on Asians have followed the rising hateful rhetoric of those with powerful voices. It is, thus, important that we, as a community, do all we can to project our own and provide a countering timbre.

In the following weeks and months, OCAABA will take specific steps to do its part to fight against the hate. We will shine a light on this issue, amplify the voices of our community, and provide resources for those joining in the fight. We call our allies to arms. We will not let this stand.

Charles W. Lin

2020-2021 OCAABA President

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